“The purpose of education is not to kill enthusiasm but to give a balanced approach and a multi-dimensional view”.

Education, especially in modern era has become so extensive that its tentacles have reached the space, the moon and much beyond. Simultaneously, education lays the foundations of intelligence, character, personality, inner peace and contentment of a student.


Henceforth, we are committed to ensure eminence of education with a prime objective. Here at LCRT School, our vision and effort is of holistic education – to evolve and implement practices that will give height to the achievements of our children and also the depth to their personality with a motive to improve both IQ & EQ. The purpose is not to kill enthusiasm but to give a balanced approach and a multi-dimensional view. This will enable us to produce responsible citizens and nationalists and a formidable force of well coordinated people instead of individuals randomly moving in divergent directions.


Our school has an excellent infrastructure, well equipped Smart Classrooms, modern laboratories, latest computers, sports equipment and a highly committed faculty and above all, a sensitive and passionate attitude for our students. I congratulate all the boys and girls seeking admission here and assure that the school Management will make consistent and committed efforts in our pursuit to achieve further.